Welcome to Hammer & Stain West Michigan!

Public Workshops

Come with a few friends or by yourself and make new friends in our Public Workshops!  These workshops offer a range of projects and designs and are offered at various days and times throughout the week.  

See below for upcoming workshops and don't forget to check back regularly to see what else we can create together!


New Covid Procedures:

  • Seating is limited in order to appropriately social distance.  It is crucial that you indicate who you are sitting with in the seating option so we can put you at the same table.  If you are not at the same table, you will be 6+ feet away.
  • Masks are required at Hammer & Stain West Michigan.  Please cover your nose and mouth using a mask, scarf, or bandanna for your workshop.
  • You are able to bring in drinks and snacks to consume at your table and may only pull your mask down to take a sip/bite - please do not use your refreshments as an excuse not to wear your mask.
  • Aprons will not be provided.  Please wear clothing appropriate to paint in.  
  • The instructor will be pouring all paints/stains to help limit the number of things you touch.
  • Tools and supplies will also be provided as needed to limit the number of things everyone is touching.
  • We will be disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces, supplies, and tools before, during, and after each workshop to make sure we have a clean and safe environment for you to create in.
  • If we are mandated to shut down and unable to have a public workshop, your project will be made into a kit for you to complete at home. You will be contacted to select colors and given dates/times for pickup from the workshop. 
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